Canned Ham was one of the first films I made. I was working with images and sounds straight off the internet. I did a google image search for “ham” and used the images that came up. Canned Ham, for me, symbolizes taking a natural entity and cramming into a unnatural metal can - leaving it there for a year, then opening it with a can opener up to see what, if anything, changed inside. Sort of a science experiment between normal and not.

My films come from a place so deep and internal that they come to the surface kicking and screaming. Sometimes the initial reaction is usually uncomfortability and distrust, but with, also, an almost fear to continue watching where it is going. I try to match my internal thoughts with what is happening on film in a way that is totally honest with the way my mind works. The action moves backwards, forwards, sideways, or nowhere. The scripts tend to focus, lose focus, or never have focus. I invest in the beauty of the unknown and walk with it fearlessly intending only to be with it. My films are my five minutes - they are what is happening to me, inside, in front of me - never about anyone else - totally of the self. My five minutes.

Diane Janowski

Artist StatementDiane Janowski