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When I was little I took things apart. Typewriters, clothing, radios..... I put them back together - usually with may leftover parts, but, they looked a whole lot better at least to me.

My work always revolves around taking ti=hings apart and putting them back together. A process of deconstruction and reconstruction. My goal is transformation, reconciliation, and redemption. What didn't work before, now does. I deconstruct an existing narrative an write a new story.

It is a salvaging process. The technique I us first builds a strict for the work. It gives and underlying parameter of what was, and what will be. I like the past" it needs to be part of the future. Then I add collaborative elements that enhance while not eliminating its base.

People constantly ask me, "Well, what is it?" Can a preexisting idea be deconstructed and reconstructed as something new Ultimateley the work addresses questions of boundaries. Where the the previous stage stop and what do additional layers of meaning add? 

Good questions.

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